College of Liberal Arts

Headliners: Liberal Arts in the News

Last month, the college garnered 57 news stories on a broad range of important topics, including the value of online learning, democracy in Latin America and new fossil discoveries.

Media highlights from July included these top liberal arts scholars. Go to this website for the full list of clips.

Hans Boas’ (Germanic Studies) research on Texas German was featured in the July issue of Texas Monthly.

David Buss’ (Psychology) research was cited in a July 31 PBS Newshour story titled “Gaming Mr. Darcy: What Jane Austen Teaches Us about Economics.”

Jennifer Ebbeler (Classics) shared insight into the benefits of a flipped classroom in a July 22 Chronicle of Higher Education story titled “Introduction to Ancient Rome, the Flipped Version.”

The Economist quoted James Henson (Government, Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services) in a July 13 story about Rick Perry’s presidential ambitions. He also discussed this topic in a July 2 New York Times story.

John Hoberman (Germanic Studies) was tapped by several media outlets for stories about sports doping, including NPR on July 16 and the New York Times on July 12.

Jacqueline Jones (History) shared commentary in a July 27 New York Times story titled “Historians Seek a Delay in Posting Dissertations.”

Futurity featured a new study by Gabrielle Russo and Liza Shapiro (Anthropology), which found that a mysterious ancient ape did not walk on two legs like a human.

Bloomberg tapped Faegheh Shirazi’s (Middle Eastern Studies) expertise for a July 18 story about dress-code standards for women in Iran.

Kurt Weyland (Government) published a July 15 op-ed in The Atlantic about democracy in Latin America.

Faculty Spotlight: Troy Kimmel

tornadoTroy Kimmel is a senior lecturer of Studies in Weather and Climate in the Department of Geography and the Environment. He is a committee member/incident meteorologist, University of Texas Campus Safety and Security, and committee chief meteorologist, KOKE FM Radio, Austin. Go to Life & Letters to read his Q&A about severe weather, climate change and what to do when tornadoes strike.