College of Liberal Arts

Mapping UT Latin American Graduate Research

Posted Nov. 25, 2013

Last year the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS) launched the UT Graduate Latin American Network, an initiative that seeks to bring together UT Austin graduate students working in Latin American or Latino issues to stir future collaborations across disciplines and foster a sense of community.

The network includes more than 200 graduate students who share information about student publications and awards as well as funding and training opportunities through a mailing list and a Facebook group. A Google map geographically highlights the innovative research of graduate students and shows the various departments from which their research stems.

Current students can use the map as a multidisciplinary networking tool to make connections with their peers in other departments doing research in the same topic or area. The map also provides opportunities for:

  • Prospective students to learn about advisers as well as the strengths of each department.
  • Fostering mentoring relations between graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Researchers and faculty seeking research assistants who are investigating similar topics.
  • Encouraging students to have a global perspective in their studies.

Each pinpoint on the map represents a particular graduate student working in a particular country and contains the student’s contact information, research topics, and faculty advisor.

The “find” function in a browser can be used to search the name of a student, an academic unit or the country of interest to learn more about the research projects.