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Center For Mexican American Studies Announces Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

Thursday Mar 25, 2010 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM | San Jacinto Conference Center, Room 207AB

The Center for Mexican American Studies is pleased to announce its 2010 Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series:

George I. Sánchez Memorial Lecture in the Social Sciences and Education

Ramón A. Martínez, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, will present a discussion titled "Reading the World in Spanglish: Hybrid Language and Ideological Contestation in the Classroom."

Jovita González Memorial Lecture in the Arts and Humanities

John Morán González, associate professor of English, will present a discussion titled "After the Axolotl: Latina/o Narrative in the Age of Neo-Liberalism."

Deborah Paredez, associate professor of Theatre and Dance, will present a discussion titled "Blue and Full of Stars: Lupe Velez in Verse."

Emilio Zamora, professor of History, will present a discussion titled "Translating the First World War, My Continuing Work on José de la Luz Saenz."

More about the CMAS Distinguished Lecture Series...

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