College of Liberal Arts

Trash to Treasure Donation Drive

Wednesday May 12, 2010 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | LBJ Parking Lot on Red River

The Student Government Campus Environmental Center is collecting unwanted belongings for a giant garage sale during a two-week donation drive.

Trash to Treasure is a large, campus-wide goods recycling program run by the University of Texas Campus Environmental Center. Each year volunteers collect students' unwanted belongings as they move out in May, store them over the summer and recycle them in a huge garage sale when school starts in August.

From May 12-24 students can donate items at a drop-off location at the LBJ Library Parking Lot (lot 38).

All reusable personal items are accepted, except for broken items, carpets, mattresses, open food, chemicals and magazines.

All proceeds benefit campus environmental programs, which include recycling, litter reduction and energy conservation.

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