College of Liberal Arts

Symposium Explores Banned Music of the Holocaust: Oct. 3-4

Monday Oct 3, 2011 | Jessen Auditorium, Homer Rainy Hall

The Butler School of Music presents the two-day symposium “Empowering Voice: The Banned and the Damned. Concerts and lectures on Music from the Holocaust.” The symposium will highlight vocal music from the Nazi concentration camps of World War II and other exiled and banned artists of the time. 

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, a performance of a Jewish lullaby will be sung by the Hebrew students, Esther Raizen, professor of Middle Eastern Studies and Hebrew Languages and associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts. The lullaby was arranged by Gideon Klien during his imprisonment at Theresienstadt. Additionally the concert will feature a range of works by classical composers of the time, such as Erich Korngold, Ilse Weber, Alban Berg, and Dimitri Shostakovich.

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