College of Liberal Arts

Lecture: "The PRI is Back: Where is Mexico Going?"

Thursday Oct 11, 2012 4:00 PM | Santa Rita Suite, UNB 3.502

The Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies is hosting a talk by Sergio Aguayo, professor of international studies at El Colegio de México, titled "The PRI is Back: Where is Mexico Going?"

The return of the PRI to the presidency in Mexico creates many questions that can be encompassed in one primary question: Is this a normal moment in the flow of democratic rotation or, in contrast, does there exist the risk of retrogression? Aguayo will assess achievements made during 50 years of political transition and examine the 2012 elections. The assumption will be that there has been a collision between an authoritarian culture and a democratic one, exemplified in the enormous disparity between the political cultures of Mexico City and the State of Mexico. The impact of violence on democratic elections and participatory democracy will also be addressed.


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