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Transcultural Lenses on Islam

Friday Feb 7, 2014 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM | SAC 3.112 Balcony Room B

This symposium brings together six eminent scholars to ask how Islam translates across cultures and geographies.  Our goal is to have a conversation across the disciplines--religious studies, history, anthropology, and ethnomusicology--on the transcultural study of Islam.

Chaired by A. Azfar Moin Southern Methodist University


  • Frank J. Korom Boston University - "Creating a Transcultural Lens via Sufism to View Sri Lanka and North America"
  • Denise A. Spellberg The University of Texas - "Muslims, Toleration, and Civil Rights: Islam and the Early Modern Anglo Atlantic World"
  • Katherine Butler Schofield King's College London - "Sonic Magic: The Supernatural Uses of Islamic Sound-Arti in India and the Malay world"
  • Enseng Ho Duke University - "Burial and Travel: Mobile Representations of a Transcultural Islam"
  • Shahzad Bashir Stanford University - "Islam in Bureaucratic Imagination: Iranian Secretaries in the Service of Indian Rulers"
  • Barbara Metcalf University of California, Davis (Emerita) - "Renewed Islam, Revitalized Languages: A 'Virtual' Nawab Spans Oceans and Continents"

Breakfast and Lunch Provided

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