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Charter Schools and Equity in Education

Friday Feb 10, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM | Francis Auditorium, The University of Texas School of Law

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Authorized in 1995 by the Texas Legislature, charter schools are part of an educational reform movement that seeks to promote innovative, high-quality learning. Yet, government funding and other support for charter schools remains a controversial and contentious issue. Opponents express concerns about accountability and reallocating resources from traditional public schools. What does research say about the effectiveness of charter schools? What are the pros and cons of charter schools?

Join us on February 10 for the third installment of the Opportunity Forum’s 2016-17 Lunch Series, Hot Topics in Access to Opportunity, to hear about the latest research on charter schools followed by a critical dialogue about these questions and more.


Huriya Jabbar | Assistant Professor
Educational Policy Studies
The University of Texas at Austin


Sara Cotner | CEO
Magnolia Montessori For All

Edmund Gordon | Chair
Department of African and African Diaspora Studies
The University of Texas at Austin
AISD School Board Trustee

Larkin Tackett | Executive Director
IDEA Public Schools

Ken Zarifis | President
Education Austin


Kevin Cokley | Professor
Department of Educational Psychology
Director, Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis
The University of Texas at Austin

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