College of Liberal Arts

MALS Lecture Series: Luvell Anderson

Monday Mar 20, 2017 3:00 PM | Room 2.206 (Multi-Purpose Room), Gordon-White Building (GWB), The University of Texas at Austin

Assistant Professor Luvell Anderson (Department of Philosophy, University of Memphis) will give a talk titled, "Hermeneutical Impasses."

When people respond to chants of ‘Black lives matter’ with ‘All lives matter’ or excoriate Colin Kaepernick for being “anti-military” or “anti-American” when he sits or kneels during the playing of the National Anthem, there appears to be a break in understanding. BLM protestors and Kaepernick understand their actions and messages in one way, detractors in quite a different way. Luvell Anderson calls these breaks in understanding “hermeneutical impasses.” In this talk, Dr. Anderson will discuss the nature of these impasses and the challenges a particular type of impasse presents for resolving it.

This event has been moved to GWB 2.206, and is free and open to the public.

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