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Dr. Ali F. Igmen, Kemal H. Karpat Visiting Assist. Prof., from the Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison will give a lecture about how historians of Central Asia have been attempting to deconstruct the ways in which Central Asians define their "identities."

Thursday Nov 10, 2005 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM | Chicano Culture Rm. 4.206, Texas Union

Dr. Igmen's lecture will explore the new challenges that confront the historians of the region when they discuss so-called transformation of Central Asian cultures during the post-9/11 era. As a cultural historian of Soviet Central Asia, he suggests that the scholars of Central Asian cultures are presently grappling with the resilience of Islam in the region. He argues that many Central Asians viewed Islam as an articulation of a cultural community rather than as a strict expression of religious identity. Bookmark and Share