College of Liberal Arts

Heritage for Sale? Reimagining Hispanic Heritage Month

Tuesday Sep 18, 2018 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM | Gordon-White Building, 2.206

Every year, Latino Studies must decide whether to celebrate or abstain from Hispanic Heritage Month, an occasion that stirs up passionate and often conflicting opinions about how best to recognize our culture and history. Last year, we decided that, given the nature of our work, the occasion felt redundant—here, every month is Hispanic Heritage Month. Additionally, we heard your concerns about its increasing commercialization, which is seen as not unrelated to a growing suspicion of and urge to control Latino culture. However, given the current political moment, the question of how to celebrate and advance the Latinx community has become more urgent than ever, and this year, we decided it was vital to address these issues openly with you, rather than behind closed doors. This candid and interactive conversation will track the history and evolution of celebrations of Latinx culture, confront the ways in which these occasions have become commodified, and help clarify their purpose in today’s cultural and political landscape.

This roundtable discussion, moderated by the Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies, John Morán González, will feature MALS Assisstant Professor, Rachel González-Martin, MALS graduate student, Denise Fernandez, and advertising professional and founder of Rest of the World creative agency, Sergio Alcocer.

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