College of Liberal Arts

Diaspora Talk Series: Reclaiming Physical and Imaginative Space

Wednesday Sep 19, 2018 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM | GWB, 2.206

“Afro-Local ATX: Gathering Austin’s African Diaspora” 

Austin, Texas prides itself on fiercely supporting and celebrating any and everything local. This “locavore” obsession has often meant eating local, shopping local, and playing local, but the big-hearted, deep wallet support of local businesses has hardly meant an equal support and celebration of local blackness. Inspired by the locavore movement, but also by a deeply rooted love for global communities of African descent (which have been locavore for centuries), this semester’s Diaspora Talk Series turns its attention to the black brilliance blossoming here in our own front yard. The African diaspora lives here too, y’all! While honouring the long legacy of born and bred black Austinites, we will also feature the scholarship and artistry of many of us who call Austin home. Can we spark a global conversation about blackness here in ATX? This Fall, we are reaping the rewards of the black bounty we all share.


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