College of Liberal Arts

Workshop Examines "The Death of Pietro Paolo Boscoli"

Monday Sep 14, 2009 12:00 PM - 1:30 AM | Garrison Hall (GAR), Room 4.100

The Institute for Historical Studies presents "The Death of Pietro Paolo Boscoli" a talk by Alison Frazier, associate professor of history.

Frazier is the author of "Possible Lives: Authors and Saints in Renaissance Italy" (2005), which won the Gordon Prize from the Renaissance Society of America for the best book in Renaissance Studies in 2006.

Among several forthcoming works, Dr. Frazier is currently working on "Candiano Bollani's Hexameral Commentary," an article from her book project tentatively titled "The Beginning of the World in the Italian Renaissance," on fifteenth-century approaches to Genesis 1-3.

Professor Frazier, who earned the President's Associates Teaching Excellence Award in 2003, teaches courses on the Italian Renaissance 1350-1550 and saints' lives as historical sources, which focuses on Christianity to 1700 with attention to precedents and analogies in Judaism and Islam.

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