College of Liberal Arts

UTeach-Liberal Arts

Friday Feb 21, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM | BEL 224

Are you passionate about learning and curious about the education field? Join us to learn about UTeach-Liberal Arts and teacher certification in the State of Texas & explore the career advantages of acquiring teacher certification along with your degree. These sessions are for undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students seeking to get certified in middle and secondary school. Information Sessions are offered throughout the semester.


Dates – BEL 224

Feb. 21.  1-2pm

Feb. 27.  2-3pm

Mar. 2   3-4pm

Mar. 10   3-4pm

Mar. 23   2-3pm

Apr. 2   2-3pm

Apr. 8   2-3pm

Apr. 14   1-2pm

Apr. 20   1-2pm

Apr. 28   3-4pm

May 4   3-4pm

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