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Texas 10 Shows the Influence of Liberal Arts Faculty

Wed, May 24, 2017
Shirley Thompson, photo by Alcalde
Shirley Thompson, photo by Alcalde

Three faculty from the College of Liberal Arts have been nominated by alumni and selected by Alcalde magazine to be a part of the 2017 Texas 10, an annual list of inspiring professors at The University of Texas at Austin.

Alcalde magazine announced the 2017 Texas 10 to “celebrate excellent University of Texas professors,” three of whom represent four different departments in the College of Liberal Arts:

  • Antonelle Del Fattore-Olson, a distinguished senior lecturer in the Department of French and Italian, described the thrill of teaching as she recalled her first day: “I loved the emotion that I felt in those 50 minutes, the way the students were looking at me and the way we were exchanging comments. I still feel the same type of excitement the very first day of each semester.” 
  • Shirley Thompson, an associate professor in the Departments of American Studies and African and African Diaspora Studies, said that while teaching didn’t come quite as naturally as her knack for research, the rewards were far more profound: “What really drew me into it, was listening to students engage with the material and come to me with a question I’d never thought of before, or a new perspective.” 
  • Juliet Walker, a professor in the Department of History, recalled a promise she had made both to herself to and her students: “I wanted the students to do well but I wanted them to have something positive to remember. I have always had a commitment to help anyone in any way that I could.”

For the full list, read the Alcalde article.

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