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APS Recognizes Psychology Professor's Superior Mentorship

Thu, Aug 3, 2017
David Buss is a professor in the Department of Psychology.
David Buss is a professor in the Department of Psychology.

University of Texas at Austin psychology professor David Buss has been recognized for his superior counsel in establishing a community of scholars with the 2017 Association for Psychological Science (APS) Mentor Award.

The award honors transformational efforts of researchers and educators who are shaping the future of science by fostering the education, training and careers of students and colleagues and helping them find their voice, goals and purpose in the field of psychology.

Buss paved the way for the study of evolutionary psychology, with research focused on strategies of human mating behavior, such as mate selection, attraction and retention, as well as infidelity, mate poaching and emotions of love, lust and jealousy. 

“One cannot attract graduate students to an emerging field without also nurturing excitement for the discipline among undergraduates,” the APS wrote, adding his influence stems from his leadership in popular, large undergraduate courses, speaker roles at conferences and a “highly successful textbook,” Evolutionary Psychology, which is available in seven languages. 

“His graduate students are not lab assistants but budding independent investigators who learn how to ask and answer interesting research questions and then write up the results in a manner that will garner interest and impact,” the APS continued.

Buss was one of four mentors to receive this year’s award. 

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