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2018 Dean's Distinguished Graduates Announced

Wed, Apr 4, 2018
Dean Randy Diehl
Dean Randy Diehl

AUSTIN, Texas — Twelve graduating liberal arts seniors have been named Dean’s Distinguished Graduates.

The College instituted this award in 1980 to recognize graduating Liberal Arts students who have distinguished themselves in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service to the College and University community. It is the highest award the College offers and truly reflective of the remarkable caliber of our graduates. The students will be honored at the College of Liberal Arts spring commencement ceremony on Friday, May 18.

The 2018 Dean's Distinguished Graduates are:

  • Keith Padraic Chew, Humanities (Special Honors; College Honors) / Asian Cultures & Languages - Chinese / Government
  • Annie Morgan Elledge, International Relations & Global Studies (Special Honors) / Government
  • Lucero Estrella, Ethnic Studies - Mexican American Studies (College Honors) / Asian Cultures & Languages – Japanese
  • Abigail E. Griffin, Government (Special Honors) / Plan II Honors Program / Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
  • Elizabeth Anne Hamm, English (Special Honors; College Honors) / Classical Languages
  • Samuel Curtis Karnes, Plan II Honors Program (Special Honors) / Middle Eastern Studies
  • Jae Yeon Kwon, Sociology (Special Honors) / Health & Society
  • Zeyi Lin, Plan II Honors Program / Government / Electrical Engineering
  • Hannah Constance Rotwein, History (Special Honors) / Plan II Honors Program / Studio Art
  • Sana Saboowala, Anthropology (Special Honors) / Biology Honors
  • David Higbee Williams, English (Special Honors; College Honors) / Plan II Honors Program
  • Taylore Nicole Woodhouse, Plan II Honors Program / Asian Cultures & Languages - Korean

The 2018 Dean's Distinguished Graduates Honorable Mention recipients are:

  • Ariana Azimi, Government
  • Emily Barnes, Psychology (Special Honors) / Plan II Honors Program
  • Eli Barrish, Philosophy (Special Honors) / Plan II Honors Program
  • Rachel Bott, German, Scandinavian, & Dutch Studies (Special Honors)
  • Kerri Cavanaugh, American Studies (Special Honors)
  • Caroline Craddock, Latin American Studies / Iberian & Latin American Languages & Cultures – Spanish
  • Eshan Dabak, Plan II Honors Program / Asian Cultures & Languages - Sanskrit / Economics
  • Alexandra Elizondo, Humanities (Special Honors) / Philosophy
  • Niku Hansen, Urban Studies (Special Honors)
  • Helen Heston, Middle Eastern Studies (Special Honors)
  • Victoria Jesswein, Linguistics (Special Honors; College Honors) / German (Special Honors)
  • Elise LeBovidge, Linguistics / Chemistry Honors
  • Aminah Mabruk, Sociology (Special Honors; College Honors)
  • Caroline Miller, Psychology (Special Honors; College Honors) / French
  • George Morris, Government (Special Honors) / History
  • Sara Neaves, Rhetoric and Writing (Special Honors) / Linguistics
  • Jessica Patrick, History
  • Jailyn Pena, Linguistics (Special Honors) / Asian Cultures & Languages – Korean
  • Conner Pursell, Classical Studies (Special Honors)
  • Evan Rathjen, English (Special Honors; College Honors) / History
  • Austin Reynolds, English (Special Honors; College Honors)
  • Divya Satish, Health & Society (Special Honors)
  • Cassidy Schulze, Humanities (Special Honors; College Honors) / History
  • Joseph Stemmler, Economics (Special Honors) / Mathematics
  • Elizabeth Teare, International Relations & Global Studies (Special Honors; College Honors) / Rhetoric & Writing
  • Veronica Tien, American Studies (Special Honors) / Economics
  • Margarethe Unger, Russian, East European, & Eurasian Studies (Special Honors) / German
  • Emma Walker, Geography (Special Honors) / History
  • Miles Wilson, Religious Studies (Special Honors) / Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures

This year marks the 38th anniversary of the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate program, which has yielded more than 400 alumni who represent the best and the brightest graduates of the College of Liberal Arts. In 2009, the College created the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Alumni Association in an effort to better connect alumni to one another and the college.

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