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Texas Politics Project Creates New Website to Help Students Find Internships

Wed, Dec 8, 2010

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Politics Project and the Department of Government at The University of Texas at Austin have created a website to connect students and internship providers called The Internship Connection Center.

The website is designed to aid students looking for government and political internships in Austin. But, The Internship Connection Center is publicly accessible, so the Web site can be used by students anywhere.

The database offers an easy-to-use online form for offices and organizations to complete. Postings will then appear on the public bulletin board for students to search for internships that suit their interests, usually within one business day.

Anyone interested in posting an internship can simply click the "Post an Internship" button and fill out the required fields. Students looking for an internship or wanting to browse the list can follow the "Find an Internship" link.

While it is expected that most of the postings will be for Austin positions, legislators looking for interns for home offices (especially during the summer) or Congressional and agency offices with Washington positions, are encouraged to post internships as well.

This is the debut version of this service. As feedback comes in, some updates can be expected early in 2011.

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