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Humanities Research Award Recipients Showcase Research Feb. 28

Mon, Jan 27, 2014

AUSTIN, Texas — What is the value of humanities research? Why is it a practical component of an undergraduate’s education? The answer is simple. Explorations into literature, philosophy, art, music and poetry teach us how to make sense out of a complex and interdependent world.

On Feb. 28, the College of Liberal Arts will showcase the work of its 2010 Humanities Research Award (HRA) recipients at a symposium from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  in the Julius Glickman Conference Center, located in the College of Liberal Arts Building (CLA). 

Established in 2009, the annual award was created by Dean Randy Diehl in response to a shortage of external grants for humanities research. It provides recipients with $15,000 for research-related expenses such as travel, archival costs, supplies and materials.This funding ultimately allows professors to produce a book or a set of articles and make their work known to the academic community.

The 2010 award recipients to be presenting at this year’s symposium include: 

• Katherine Arens, Professor in the Department of Germanic Studies: Squaring the Vienna Circle:  Intellectual History Beyond the Cold War

• Arturo Arias, Tomas Rivera Regents Professor in Latin American Literature: Recovering Lost Footprints: The Emergence of Contemporary Indigenous Narratives in Abya Yala 

• Janine Barchas, Professor of English: Jane Austen and Celebrity Culture

• Erika M. Bsumek, Associate Professor of History: Damming Zion: Mormons, Navajos, and Water in the American West, 1860-1980

• John Hartigan, Professor of Anthropology: Care of the Species: Cultivating Biodiversity in Mexico & Spain

• Mark Atwood Lawrence, Associate Professor of History:Unraveling Liberalism:  The United States and the Developing World in the 1960s 

• Julia L. Mickenberg, Associate Professor of American Studies: The New Woman Tries on Red: Russia in the American Feminist Imagination, 1905-1945

• Martha G. Newman, Associate Professor of History and Religious Studies:Narrating Faith:  The Uncertain World of Engelhard of Langheim

• Gabriela Polit Dueñas, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese: Narrating Narcos: Culiacán and Medellín

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