College of Liberal Arts

2014 Dean's Distinguished Graduates

Wed, Mar 19, 2014

AUSTIN, Texas — Twelve graduating seniors have been named Dean’s Distinguished Graduates. Each year the College of Liberal Arts honors 12 seniors with the Dean's Distinguished Graduate Award for their leadership, scholarly achievements and service to the community. The students will be honored at the College of Liberal Arts spring commencement ceremony on Friday, May 16.

The 2014 Dean's Distinguished Graduates are:

Cintia Hinojosa, Psychology (Special Honors)

Samuel Kieke, International Relations and Global Studies (Special Honors)/Middles Eastern Studies/Arabic Language and Literature

Sarah Lusher, English (Special Honors; College Honors)/History

Daniel Munoz, Philosophy (Special Honors)/Linguistics

Patrick Naeve, English (Special Honors; College Honors)/Plan II Honors Program (Special Honors)/History

David Oh, Economics (Special Honors; College Honors)/Sociology/International Relations and Global Studies/Mathematics (BS)

Ana Laura Rivera, Humanities (Special Honors)/Government

Rebekah Rodriguez, History (College Honors)/Sociology

Aurora Mayte Salazar-Ordonez, Latin American Studies/History/Anthropology

Philip Tryon, International Relations and Global Studies (Special Honors; College Honors)/Philosophy

Andrew Wilson, Plan II Honors Program/History

Laura Wright, Plan II Honors Program

Honorable Mention Recipients

Aidan Aannestad, Linguistics (Special Honors)

James Beveridge, Anthropology (Special Honors)/Latin American Studies

Taj Bruno, American Studies (Special Honors)/Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies/Jewish Studies

Alyse Camus, American Studies (Special Honors)/Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

Andrew Clark, International Relations and Global Studies/History

Erica Dietzel, Religious Studies (Special Honors)

Adam Frye, Middle Eastern Studies

Jamie Hill, Psychology (College Honors)

Lucy Kerr, Philosophy (Special Honors)/Theatre and Dance (BA)

Madison Klim, Anthropology

Thaddeus Kull, Classics (College Honors)

Yoon Lee, Plan II Honors Program/Latin

Robert McDowall, Economics (Special Honors)/Mathematics (BA)

Tu-Uyen Nguyen, Classics (Special Honors)/Latin/Ethnic Studies (Asian American Studies)

Stephanie Onyekwere, Sociology (Special Honors)

Madeline Rodriguez, Spanish

Katherine Sanchez, Relgious Studies (Special Honors)/Middle Eastern Studies

Cortney Sanders, Government

Philip Wiseman, Government (Special Honors; College Honors)/History

Sarah Witkowski, Psychology BS (Special Honors)/Plan II Honors Program

Benjamin Wollam, International Relations and Global Studies/Asian Cultures and Languages (Chinese)

This year marks the 34th anniversary of the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate program, which has yielded more than 360 alumni who represent the best and the brightest graduates of the College of Liberal Arts. In 2009 the College created the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Alumni Association in an effort to better connect alumni to one another and the college.  Visit this website for more information

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