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2015 Dean's Distinguished Graduates Announced

Thu, Feb 26, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas — Twelve graduating seniors have been named Dean’s Distinguished Graduates. Each year the College of Liberal Arts honors 12 seniors with the Dean's Distinguished Graduate Award for their leadership, scholarly achievements and service to the community. The students will be honored at the College of Liberal Arts spring commencement ceremony on Friday, May 22.

The 2015 Dean's Distinguished Graduates are:

  • Reema Ali, History (Special Honors) / Economics
  • Nathan Carmichael, Classical Archaeology (Special Honors) / Anthropology / Classics
  • Jonathan Cortez, Ethnic Studies (Mexican American Studies) (Special Honors) / Sociology 
  • Ciaran Dean-Jones, Plan II Honors Program / Classics / History
  • Alexander Djamoos, Government (College Honors)
  • James Fisk, English (Special Honors; College Honors) / Computer Science
  • Sai Gourisankar, Plan II Honors Program / Chemical Engineering
  • Mark Jbeily, Plan II Honors Program
  • Geetika Jerath, International Relations & Global Studies
  • Kaitlyn Kennedy, German (Special Honors) / Spanish / Latin American Studies
  • Christina Kent, Economics (Special Honors) / Finance / Mathematics
  • Jane Mize, English (Special Honors; College Honors) / Latin  

Honorable Mention recipients:

  • Alexandra Buck, Government (College Honors) / History / Religious Studies
  • Marlee Burns, Plan II Honors Program / International Relations & Global Studies / Middle Eastern Studies
  • Jesse Crandell, Spanish (Hispanic Linguistics) / Portuguese
  • Caroline Crews, Classics / Religious Studies
  • Courtney Crosby, Psychology
  • Steve Dao, Philosophy (Special Honors) / Computer Science
  • Katie Floyd, Latin American Studies (Special Honors) / Plan II Honors Program
  • Ana Hernandez, Latin American Studies (Special Honors) / History
  • Michelle Jackson, Psychology (Special Honors)
  • Preston McLaughlin, Geography (Special Honors)
  • Andrew Messamore, Sociology (Special Honors) / Journalism
  • Kornel Rady, Government / Comm. Studies, Corporate Comm.
  • Emily Smith, Sociology
  • Rachel Snavely, Geography (Special Honors)
  • Olivia Starich, Anthropology (Special Honors) / Journalism
  • Callista Stoop, Arabic Language & Literature
  • Emily Tagtow, Linguistics (Special Honors)
  • Coleman Tharpe, Anthropology (College Honors) / RTF
  • Jorge Wong, Classics (Special Honors) / Linguistics
  • Larissa Zelezniak, History

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate program, which has yielded more than 400 alumni who represent the best and the brightest graduates of the College of Liberal Arts. In 2009, the College created the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Alumni Association in an effort to better connect alumni to one another and the college.

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