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Liberal Arts Council Nets Award for Best Academic Organization

Thu, May 28, 2015
The Liberal Arts Council received a banner and $300 for being named the Best Academic/Department Organization on campus.
The Liberal Arts Council received a banner and $300 for being named the Best Academic/Department Organization on campus.

Liberal Arts Council was named the Best Academic/Departmental Organization on campus this year by the Texas Leadership and Ethics Institute (LEI). 

Each year, the LEI’s Swing Out Awards recognize student organizations that demonstrate excellence in leadership on campus. This year the winners were announced at the Evening of the Stars ceremony on April 21. The winners received a banner and $300 for their organization.

“It was wonderful to hear that Liberal Arts Council recently won a Swing Out Award,” says Marc Musick, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the College of Liberal Arts. “Given all of the great work that LAC has done for and on behalf of students, they were richly deserving of the honor.”

Rachel Osterloh, the 2014-15 president of the LAC, was quick to recognize the contributions of each member to the organization.

“LAC’s greatest asset is the passionate, intelligent and accomplished membership,” says Osterloh. “Every member of LAC has diverse academic passions, but the uniting factor is our collective belief in the power of a liberal arts education. This award, to me, honors every LAC member, past and present, and their differing professional aspirations. We were awarded the Swing Out Award due to the strength of each member of LAC. I was truly humbled to lead this organization of leaders.”

The Liberal Arts Council serves as a link between students and the College administration, faculty and professional world. Any student enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts is eligible to become a member. Liberal Arts Council also serves as one of the 18 councils from across UT Austin that form the Senate of College Councils.

This year, the LAC provided a range of impressive events and programming. 

“For the college community, LAC brought the Texas Tribune’s editor, Evan Smith, to campus, gave out $16,000 worth of study abroad scholarships, volunteered with the Boys and Girls Club, conducted conversations about white privilege in America, and worked on legislation to formalize liberal arts undergraduate TAs,” Osterloh says. “I was very impressed by the high caliber of work that each member of LAC put into different events and initiatives. I have no doubts that LAC will continue to represent the philosophy of servant leadership next year and beyond, and I look forward to seeing what the new administration accomplishes.”

For more information about the organization, visit the Liberal Arts Council website.

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