College of Liberal Arts

Gender Equity in the College of Liberal Arts

Our Mission:

  • To address climate issues in the College of Liberal Arts, on a continuum that begins with full professors and ends with graduate students, both male and female.
  • To identify systemic/programmatic problems that require attention and to act on those, thus diminishing the need to address issues at the individual level.
  • To identify what the College does well and do more of it.

Our History

In September 2009, Associate Dean Esther Raizen delivered to the Vice Provost a preliminary plan to carry forward the recommendations of the University-wide Gender Equity Task Force in the College of Liberal Arts. Based on what we gleaned from the Gender Equity Report and from data collected by the College, we identified initial priorities according to rank of faculty:

  • At the assistant professor level – work-life balance, the use of family-friendly accommodations, and preparation for promotion.
  • At the associate professor level – mentorship and guidance focusing on promotion and grant applications, as well as service opportunities that open up the way to executive positions in departments and in higher administration.
  • At the full professor level – disparities in salary and supplements, productivity indicators and the role they play in evaluation, and promotion avenues that are open to the faculty.
  • We recognized the hiring of academic couples as particularly important at the assistant and associate professor levels.

Our Activities:

Coordinating our activities with the Provost’s Office, the Graduate School, the Graduate Student Assembly, Human Resources, and the Office of Institutional Equity, we are engaging with issues of climate within the College of Liberal Arts including, but not limited to, gender equity. We established the Liberal Arts Gender Council in May 2010.