College of Liberal Arts

Work Environment

We study the work environment with an eye toward shaping the College as a workplace that is dedicated to the wellbeing of its faculty, staff, and students. Collaborating with colleagues across the University, we encourage members of the UT community to avail themselves of the resources and policies that enhance work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance

Letter from Dean Randy Diehl

Faculty, students, and staff members often struggle to maintain a healthy balance between professional success and personal wellness. That is why I endorse the policies that make it easier for members of our community in the College of Liberal Arts to have both successful careers and fulfilling personal lives...(read more)

Leadership Training

Mindful of the need to encourage College faculty members to engage in leadership intiatives and prepare themselves for future leadership positions at all levels, the College of Liberal Arts will launch a series of faculty leadership workshops in the fall of 2016.

Gender Equity 

The College is committed to promoting and monitoring gender equity in its different units. Please use the links on the left navigation bar to access reports and policy statements pertaining to gender equity in the College. 


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