College of Liberal Arts

2010 National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grants

Friday Apr 9, 2010

LIMITED SUBMISSION: National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grants

Materials are due electronically to Jeff Meserve ( by April 9, 2010 @ noon.

Please submit:

  • Two page maximum lay abstract describing the aims of/needs for of the proposed project.
  • Short CV, highlighting your research trajectory

Program Description: NEH challenge grants are capacity-building grants intended to help institutions and organizations secure long-term improvements in and support for their humanities programs and resources. Grants may be used to establish or enhance endowments or spend-down funds (that is, funds that are invested, with both the income and the principal being expended over a defined period of years) that generate expendable earnings to support ongoing program activities. Funds may also be used for one-time capital expenditures (such as construction and renovation, purchase of equipment, and acquisitions) that bring long-term benefits to the institution and to the humanities more broadly.

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