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New ORAU Event Sponsorship Programs - call for 1 nomination

Wednesday Dec 8, 2010

ORAU is offering event sponsorship grants of $4,000 each for FY 2011. To be considered as a nominee from the College of Liberal Arts for this round (the next round will be in spring):

  • Complete the attached request form, and
  • Attach a CV highlighting your research trajectory

Please email these items to by noon on Wednesday, December 8, 2010. The Dean will choose an individual from CoLA to be considered for the award, and the VPR will then choose a finalist to represent The University of Texas at Austin. More program information is listed below. Thank you.


Up to $4,000 can be requested to support events which involve participants from more than one ORAU institution. Two Calls for Proposals will be issued each year. Typical events might include visits to an ORAU institution by a renowned speaker, conferences or workshops with a focused theme, or a technology transfer/business plan competition.

The first deadline is intended to support events to be held through June 30, 2011.  The second deadline will support events to take place through Sept. 30, 2011. A representative from ORAU must be invited to the event, and will attend if possible. A report must be submitted within 30 days following the event documenting participation and outcomes.

Criteria for decisions to award Event Sponsorship grants include:

  • Potential engagement of others, especially students
  • Probability of a long-term collaboration
  • New or enhanced collaboration (proposed partners have no strong current ties)
  • Well-defined outcome(s), such as a proposal to an identified opportunity, a white paper in anticipation of future funding, or a publication as a result of data collected during the visit.
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