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Millennium Technology Prize

Monday Jul 18, 2011

Millennium Technology Prize (NOT a limited submission)

About the Prize

Deadline:  Nomination packets should be sent to: no later than July 18, 2011.

Selection Criteria: The Millennium Technology Prize is awarded for a specific groundbreaking innovation in the field of technology. The winning innovation must be shown to enhance people’s quality of life and sustainable development both now and in the future. The Prize is not awarded for cumulative accomplishments over a lifetime career.
Significant factors in the evaluation process include the number of people affected by an innovation and the extent of the changes they experience as a consequence. Technologies that have not yet been applied in practice are not eligible for the award.

The awarding of the Prize is also intended to stimulate further cutting-edge research and development in science and technology. Due consideration is also therefore given to each nominee’s current activities. Ideally, nominees continue to be engaged in work that further advances their innovation and its practical applications.

Qualifications:  The Millennium Technology Prize can be awarded to a single individual or to a research and development team. It can also be shared between two or three individuals who are shown to have made a critical contribution of essentially equal merit to the success of the innovation.

Nomination Packet Requirements:
1. Completed nomination form (attached)

2. Nomination letter (1-5 pages) in Word format, which should cover the following:
a) Specific details of the cited innovation and the underlying technological development
b) The present and future impact of the innovation on quality of life and sustainable development
c) Identification of each nominee and their role in the innovation process
d) Details of each nominee's current activities
e) Copies of possible media coverage concerning the nominee and the cited innovation.

3. Two supporting letters** (1-3 pages each): These external letters must refer explicitly to both the nominee and the innovation presented in the Nomination Letter. Additional supporting letters may be submitted if they are considered necessary to describe particular features of the nominee and/or the innovation. Supporting Letters should be e-mailed directly to: by the nomination deadline: July 31, 2011.

4. Nominee's Curriculum Vitae (1–3 pages): should be a concise list which includes details of education, positions of responsibility held, industrial and academic affiliations, a list of key patents and publications, honors granted and awards received.

The Office of the VPR will coordinate and submit all nominations.

**Nominee will be responsible for ensuring that required letters of support are submitted directly to Technology Academy Finland before the deadline of July 31, 2011.

Please contact Liza Scarborough ( if you have any questions or concerns.

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