College of Liberal Arts

Applying for Grants

U.S. & Foreign Government Proposals

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) requires pre-approval for grants submitted to the federal government or to foreign governments. Please see our Grants Submission Timeline for information about how to initiate the grants submission process at UT Austin.

Foundation Proposals

The University Development Office (UDO) monitors our relationships with foundations and corporations. Unless you are responding to an open Request for Proposals (RFP), all contact with foundations and corporations should first be cleared with UDO. If you are considering contacting a foundation or other non-governmental sponsor, please email Vanessa Lopez and Brook Davis ( to secure UDO approval. Many grant proposals to foundations will also require prior approval by OSP.

Graduate Student Proposals

Most graduate student grants are awarded directly to the student and will not need to be reviewed and approved by OSP. Grants that will need to be approved by OSP include federal grants, such as the NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (DDRIGs); any proposal that requires “institutional signature” or “institutional approval”; or any proposal that indicates that UT Austin will be administering grant funds. If you have any questions, please contact Vanessa Lopez and Brook Davis (

Limited Submissions

Limited submission programs are those for which funding agencies restrict the number of nominations or proposals a university may submit for consideration for an award. The process for submitting an application for a limited submission program has recently changed. The College of Liberal Arts no longer conducts internal reviews of applicants in order to select representative applicants for the College.  Instead, applicants apply through the Office of the Vice President for Research. Application instructions and competition announcements are available through the following links:
Office of Sponsored Projects:
Office of the Vice President for Research:
Announcements for Limited Submissions are distributed to department chairs and senior administrative staff for distribution to faculty as appropriate.

Tool Kits

Liberal Arts Grants Services has prepared several tool kits to help faculty and graduate students prepare their grant proposals:

Other Resources for Preparing Grant Proposals

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