College of Liberal Arts

Proposal Timeline for Faculty Submissions

Following these guidelines will assist us in helping you with the preparation of your grant application. They provide us with sufficient time to give your proposal a full review and afford you the opportunity to make changes based on that review. If you do not provide sufficient time, your proposal may not receive the review it deserves, resulting in a submission with errors that may lead to the proposal being returned without review or rejected for funding.

3 weeks or more prior to sponsor's deadline

Notify Liberal Arts Grants Services of your intent to submit a proposal by sending an email to Include in the email the completed Proposal Review Form (PRF) as an attachment. Download the PRF to your desktop before filling in the form fields.

Complete the Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) training and submit a Financial Information Disclosure (FID) form. You may complete the FID form immediately after taking the FCOI training. Performing this action is a requirement prior to obtaining Principal Investigator (PI) status in UT Austin’s Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) online system.

Identify all covered individuals throughout the life cycle of the project. Please note:

  • If the covered individuals for a grant change over the course of the project, it is the PI’s responsibility to alert OSP of new covered individuals and remove those who are no longer working on the project.
  • It is the PI's responsibility to verify that all covered individuals have completed the FCOI and FID requirements.

Non-UT researchers will find instructions for completing the FCOI training and submitting an FID form at:

Note: Principal Investigator (PI) status might be needed. In order to facilitate PI status and the preparation and submission of your proposal, schedule a meeting with our office to discuss the solicitation and UT Austin procedures and requirements.

10 business days prior to sponsor's deadline

Provide Liberal Arts Grants Services with all documents required by the sponsor except the proposal narrative/project description and references. We will use this time to review your documents for compliance with sponsor and UT Austin requirements.

We are happy to work with you on these documents prior to the 10 days requested. It is especially important that we have sufficient time to review and help you develop your budget and budget justification.

5 business days prior to the sponsor's deadline

Provide the proposal narrative/project description, references, and all other required sections in final form.

0-5 business days prior to sponsor's deadline

Be available via email or phone to make revisions upon Liberal Arts Grants Services’ and the Office of Sponsored Projects’ review.

After OSP approves your proposal, please be available to confirm the application is ready to submit to the sponsor. Your confirmation the proposal is ready for submission is required before OSP submits on your behalf.