College of Liberal Arts

Graduate Student Grant Awards 2012-2013

Wed, Aug 14, 2013

Congratulations to graduate student grant awardees in 2012-13! Here are some highlights of our students’ successes:

  • Mark Amengual Watson, Spanish and Portuguese, “An Experimental Approach to Phonetic Transfer in the Production and Perception of Early Spanish-Catalan Bilinguals,” National Science Foundation
  • Noman Baig, Anthropology, “Esoteric Islam and Capitalism: Vertical Time and Sacred Aspirations in Pakistan’s Marketplace,” National Science Foundation
  • Brandon Baird, Spanish and Portuguese, “An Acoustic Analysis of Spanish-K’ichee’ (Mayan) Bilingual Intonation,” National Science Foundation
  • Steven Brooke, Government, “Clients of Islam: The Politics of Islamist Social Service Provision in Egypt,” Smith Richardson Foundation 
  • Hou, Lynn, “Investigating an Undocumented Sign Languate In a Chatino Speech/Sign Community,” Endangered Languages Documentation Project
  • Oton Moreno and Yaroslav Roshoka, Economics, “Learning Under Ambiguity—An Experiment,” Russell Sage Foundation
  • Rebekah Post, French and Italian, “The Impact of Social Factors on the Syntactic Patterns of Arabic-French Code-Switching among Moroccan Young Adults,” National Science Foundation
  • Tathagatan Ravindran, Anthropology “Indigeneity, Social Movements, and Social Relations in South American Context,” National Science Foundation
  • Ran Segev, History, “The Science of Faith: Spanish Mysticism, Biblical Imagination, and the Study of Nature in the Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Spanish Atlantic,” John Carter Brown Library
  • Lina Valencia, Anthropology, “Effects of Fragmentation on the Dispersal of Silvery Brown Tamarins (Saguinus Leucopus),” Primate Conservation, Inc. s
  • Dan Velleman, Linguistics, “Focus and Focus-Sensitivity in Kichee,” National Science Foundation
  • Robyn Wright, Spanish and Portuguese, “Examining the Social Meaning and Identities Created in Language Variation in Madrid,” National Science Foundation

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