College of Liberal Arts

Graduate Student Grant Awards

Fri, Mar 7, 2014

Congratulations to recent graduate student grant awardees! Here are some highlights of our students’ successes:

Anima Adjepong, Sociology—“Rethinking Sportswomen’s Un/apologetics: Gender, Race, and Sexuality on and off the Rugby Pitch,” North American Society for the Sociology of Sport; Predoctoral Fellowship, Ford Foundation

Emilia Bachrach, Asian Studies— “The Living Tradition of Hagiography in the Vallabh Sect of Contemporary Gujarat,” American Council of Learned Societies

Benjamin Breen, History—McNeil Center of Early American Studies Dissertation Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania; Mellon-Council of European Studies Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Colombia University

Zainab Cheema, Comparative Literature—Fulbright Scholarship for Research on the Middle East and North Africa, Institute of International Education

Thomas Christiansen, Geography and the Environment— “Structural Disturbance Classes: Explicitly Linking Field- and Satellite-Derived Measurements for Improved Disturbance Detection and Quantification,” Association of American Geographers

Jamila Davey, Comparative Literature—Critical Language Scholarship, U.S. Department of State

Jessica Dunning-Lozano, Sociology—Dissertation Grant, American Sociological Association

Carmen Gutierrez, Sociology— “Policing Legitimacy: Undocumented Residents’ Experiences with Localized Immigration Enforcement,” National Science Foundation

Niti Mishra, Geography and the Environment— “Relating Spatial Pattern of Fractional Land Cover to Savanna Vegetation Morphology Using Multi-Scale Remote Sensing in the Central Kalahari,” American Association of Geographers

Paul Holloway, Geography and the Environment— “How Movement Pattern Analysis Can Improve Species Distribution Models,” American Association of Geographers

Molly Polk, Geography and the Environment— “The Changing Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Unique Wetlands inside Peru’s Huascaran National Park,” National Science Foundation; Dissertation Fellowship, American Association of University Women

Michal Raizen, Comparative Literature—Schusterman Israel Scholar Award, The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise

Jayita Sinha, Comparative Literature—Taraknath Das Foundation Grant, Colombia University

Mieke Beth Thomeer, Sociology— “Dyadic Analyses of Chronic Conditions and Distress within Marriage: A Gendered Perspective,” American Sociological Association 

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