College of Liberal Arts

COLA announces ten recipients of Humanities Research Awards

Wed, Dec 16, 2009

2009/2010 Recipients of Humanities Research Awards:

Hans Boas, Associate Professor of Germanic Studies, for “Linguistic Infrastructure in Texas: Past potentials, current challenges, and future opportunities”

Yoav Di-Capua, Assistant Professor of History, for “Arab Thought on the Eve of Dystopia, 1939-1967”

Alison Frazier, Associate Professor of History, for “The Beginning of the World in the Italian Renaissance: Conversations about Creation, 1300-1500”

Karen Grumberg, Assistant Professor of Hebrew, for “Hebrew Gothic: Narrative, Nation, and the Discourse of Victimization”

Sabine Hake, Professor and Texas Chair of German Literature and Culture, Germanic Studies, for “Political Affect: The Fascist Imaginary in Postfascist Cinema”

Tracie Matysik, Associate Professor of History, for a monograph, “Spinoza Matters” and a translation, “Women on Nietzsche, Gender, and Sexuality”

Robert Oppenheim, Associate Professor of Asian Studies, for “An intellectual History of Korea and American Anthropology”

Paula Perlman
, Professor of Classics, for two Cretan Studies, “The Inscribed Laws of Ancient Crete” and “Constructing Crete: Society and History, ca. 1000-400 B.C.”

Guy Raffa, Associate Professor of Italian, for “Dante's Bones”

Jorie Woods, Professor of English, for “Weeping for Dido: Male Writers and Female Emotions in the Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Classroom”

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