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COLA Fellow Spotlight: Emily Viehman

Wed, Dec 18, 2013
Photo Credit: Francis Roman
Photo Credit: Francis Roman

Name: Emily Viehman

Current: Cognitive Psychology, supervised by Dr. David Schnyer

Previous: Cognitive Psychology, Rice University

Research Topic: Age-Related Cognitive Decline and Neurological Change—I am currently working on a study of memory loss and sleep quality in menopausal women. I am also interested in the development and application of new methods of neuroimaging analysis, particularly in the area of functional and structural MRI.

Why? I initially became interested in cognitive neuroscience after participating in a scanning study my sophomore year—I was blown away by the images of my brain on a CD, and I wanted to learn as much as I could about the process.

Mentors: I had the support and guidance of some wonderful faculty and students as an undergraduate. They were always happy to help me along the path to a career in research, and provided me with invaluable training and the opportunity to run multiple studies, write an IRB, participate in poster sessions, administer subject scheduling and reimbursement, and be a published author. All before I even got to grad school.

Why UT? I felt the students and faculty were all supportive and collaborative, and I liked the diversity of the research happening in the department. UT’s emphasis on research experience over coursework and the opportunities available for graduate students to conduct MRI research were extremely valuable to me. I also love Austin, of course!

Hobbies? Needlepoint, swing dancing, live music, and trying new local craft beers

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