College of Liberal Arts

Job Placement of PhD Graduates from Cohorts 2002 through 2007

Wed, Mar 11, 2015
The College of Liberal Arts has releaased a report featuring the last-known placements for 750 of the 805 PhD holders from entry cohorts 2002 through 2007, as reported by the former students, by their home departments, or as retrieved from online resources like Linkedin and Of the known placements, 726 (97%) are training related in the sense that a doctoral degree is a requisite for the position. 597 positions are tenured/ tenure-track, non-tenure-track, post-doctoral fellow and other academic positions. 133 of the PhD graduates hold academic positions at Association of American Universities (AAU) institutions—these positions constitute 17% of the total population of College PhDs from the 2002-2007 entry cohorts. Forty-six of the AAU positions are at the tenured/tenure track ranks.
The full report is available here.
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