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Our college’s breadth, depth and adaptability make it ideally suited to the needs of a diverse state with a growing, dynamic economy and a rich history. The liberal arts prepare students to understand and learn from that history, to analyze problems from multiple viewpoints, and to draw upon knowledge from a range of cultures past and present. It prepares them to be creative and flexible leaders, citizens and workers, dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone.

The value of the liberal arts extends beyond our majors. Every student who attends the university, regardless of major, will take classes in our college during their undergraduate years as part of their core curriculum — classes in rhetoric and writing, the humanities, American and Texas history and government, and courses in a variety of behavioral and social sciences.

This is what distinguishes a liberal arts education at a public research university: the exposure to leading scholarship and teaching in a variety of disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences, and the opportunity to explore ideas across those disciplines in classrooms, laboratories and in our communities. 

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 CA3 ACCOUNT DETAILS  |  *Define Resources

CA3 - Account Details

The CA3 module in *Define contains a significant amount of account-specific detail split into sections (screens). Some of the information is helpful for Research Administrators, while some is used only by the SPAA Analyst (UT Accountant) who oversees the account.

When you enter the CA3 module, you can just hit enter to advance to the next screen, or you can change the screen number in the editable field in the top right corner of the screen. To exit CA3, head back to the command line and enter a new command. Below are all the screens in CA3. You can click directly on the links below for pop-up screengrabs, or use the right-side panel to navigate through the screengrabs as integrated webpages

CA3 Screens

1 Main CA3 Purpose
2 Fund Group Specific Information
3 Budget Category Details
4 Budget Pool Information
5 Cost Share Details (disused)
6 Authorized Signers for Budget Group
7 Budget Group Contacts
8 Report Suspense and Asset Management
9 Notes/Comments

The CA3 screens are a great place to quickly find project title, pooled subs, account-specific travel rules, transfer allowability and other helpful details without having to find the award documents.