Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Department of Rhetoric & Writing

RHE 306 Add / Drop

The term "add/drops" refers to the procedure and time period for adding or dropping a course after you have initially registered. Consult the course schedule to find the day and times when you can add or drop a course.

Bear in mind, however, that adding a course late means that you will begin the semester already behind in your work. Although some adds are still possible until the twelfth class day, if you want to add a course after the official add/drop period is over, you will need to obtain permission from the department offering the course. You may also need your dean's approval. Because catching up in a writing class is particularly difficult, the Department of Rhetoric and Writing closes all of their classes (including RHE 306) after the first two class sessions. Adds after the second class session are made only with the instructor's permission.

Similarly, you may drop a course with fewer restrictions during the first weeks of class. Early in the semester, students sometimes need to withdraw from a class in order to change their schedules. Later, the most common reason for dropping a course is not being able to meet the course requirements-including attendance-because of illness or an emergency. Whatever the reason, dropping is an action that you must initiate. If you simply quit going to class, a failing grade will appear on your transcript at the end of the semester.

  • After the twelfth class day, UT usually grants a few more days to drop a class without academic penalty, although refunds are no longer available. If you wish to drop a course during this period, you must initiate the process in your dean's office. A letter grade of "Q," which indicates a drop without academic penalty, will automatically appear on your transcript.
  • For a few weeks after the twelfth class day, you may drop a class by completing a Q/F form from your dean's office. As the form's name implies, a failing grade may appear on your transcript at this point, but if you are passing the course in question, your instructor will assign a "Q."
  • Beyond the Q/F deadline, you may only drop a class or withdraw from the University for urgent, documented, non-academic reasons, and only with your dean's approval.

See your instructor or the staff of the DRW office in Parlin 3 if you have any remaining questions or concerns about your test scores or registration for first-year writing.