Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Department of Rhetoric & Writing

RHE 306 Credit Transfer

If you came to UT from another college or university, credit for RHE 306 often transfers automatically from your former institution through the admissions procedure. You should have no problem transferring a first-year composition course from another Texas public university or community college. When a first-year writing class taken at another institution won't transfer as credit for RHE 306, it might count as credit for a related writing or literature course.

Contact the dean of your college if you have not received RHE 306 credit for a class with similar requirements. That office can give you the form "Petition for Modification of Degree Requirements." You'll need to fill out the form, attach a copy of the syllabus for the writing course you completed, and submit both to the DRW in Parlin 3. If you don't have the syllabus, you can copy the description of the course from your college's course catalog. Catalogs from almost every American college and university are available in the Undergraduate Library.

After the Associate Director of the DRW has reviewed your request, the office will notify you of the decision, and you will return the form to the dean of your college. The entire process takes a few weeks, so allow sufficient time if applying for transfer credit affects your registration plans.

Although you can choose to transfer credit for RHE 306 from community colleges and other institutions, we strongly recommend that you plan to take the course at UT, if at all possible. The RHE 306 curriculum's emphasis on argumentation and critical reading is specifically designed to complement UT's upper-division course work. In addition, some UT courses-like Substantial Writing Component classes-assume that students are familiar with the rhetorical concepts that are taught in RHE 306, but which are not emphasized in many other schools' first-year writing courses.