Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Department of Rhetoric & Writing

RHE 306 FAQs

What is RHE 306?

RHE 306 is an introductory course in writing and argumentation. Credit for this course is required by all UT students. You can receive credit in RHE 306 in one of the following ways: taking the course, placing out of the course by exam, or transferring credit from another university or college.

What test score do I need to place out of RHE 306?

You may place out of RHE 306 by receiving an appropriate score on the SAT Writing and Language section (33+), ACT (26+ if taken before Sep 1, 2016; 9+ if taken on or after Sep 1, 2016), or the AP Language and Composition exam (3+). You can view test scores and claim credit online through Student Testing Services.

How do I register for RHE 306?

Since 306 is required for all UT students, registration is handled in a more systematic fashion than other courses. Registration is based on birth month. Those with an even birth month will enroll in the fall and those with an odd birth month enroll in the spring. [This system applies to most students. The restriction is lifted upon completion of a certain number of credit hours, usually midway through the junior year.]


Can I count RHE 306 as a lower-division writing component course?


I'm pretty sure I placed out of RHE 306, but I haven't received my test scores yet. Should I register for RHE 306 during my scheduled registration period?

Probably. You can always drop the course. It might be much harder to add RHE 306 later, especially in the fall semester.

If I don't place out of RHE 306 the first time I take the SAT, can I take it again?

You may take the SAT only once on campus at UT. But you may take it again at another off campus location.

I am a foreign student who needs more help with English. Will I get that instruction in RHE 306Q?

RHE 306Q is a writing course for students who are not native speakers of English. In it, you will cover many aspects of English grammar and mechanics. But it is not designed to teach you English. For more instruction in English, you should contact the International Office (471-1211), which can provide information on non-credit language classes for non-native English speakers.

I went to a high school in the USA, but my native language is not English. Am I still eligible for RHE 306Q?

In most cases, no. RHE 306Q is intended primarily for foreign students. However, you may petition in the DRW office (Parlin 3) for permission to take the course. We will consider your SAT or TOEFL. If it is comparable to the scores of students taking RHE 306Q, and if space is available, you will be permitted to register for RHE 306Q.

Can I take RHE 306 and E 316K in the same semester?

RHE 306 remains a prerequisite for E 316K so you are not able to take both courses in the same semester.

I've heard that RHE 306 Rhetoric and Composition is a flunk-out course. Is that true?

No. In fact, very few students fail RHE 306, and there are no grading quotas or curves of any kind in the course. The University and your instructors want you to succeed. Although RHE 306 is demanding, you will be in a small class (25 students or fewer) and receive plenty of support.

Should I buy my textbooks before the semester begins?

No. Wait until after the first class meeting. You will receive a policy statement listing the exact books you will need to purchase. Textbook choices vary from section to section, particularly in the fall and spring terms.

Is it true that the penalty for plagiarizing even a draft of a paper in RHE 306 can be failure in the course?