Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Department of Rhetoric & Writing

RHE 306 Registration

Students taking RHE 306 must register for the course during a term when they are eligible. Because so many first-year students attempt to sign up for RHE 306, the Department of Rhetoric & Writing restricts registration from semester to semester by birth month.
  • In the fall term, those with an even birth month may enroll.
  • In the spring, those with an odd birth month may enroll.
  • In the summer, anyone may enroll in RHE 306, although space for regularly-admitted students is limited.

If you believe you should be granted special permission to register in a semester for which you are ineligible, consult the DRW staff in Parlin 3.

Eligible students may enroll in RHE 309S in any term it is offered.