Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Department of Rhetoric & Writing

Professor Clay Spinuzzi published in academic journal "Written Communication"

Wed, September 12, 2018
Professor Clay Spinuzzi published in academic journal
Professor Clay Spinuzzi

Professor Clay Spinuzzi and colleagues recently published "Articulating Problems and Markets: A Translation Analysis of Entrepreneurs’ Emergent Value Propositions" in the journal Written Communication. In this article, the authors studied the Student Entrepreneurship Acceleration and Launch (SEAL) program, a program supported by the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI). How do these new technology entrepreneurs define a market problem, identify a market, and develop a claim for value that can attract stakeholders? Drawing on written materials, observations, and interviews, the authors trace how these value propositions were iterated along three paths to better articulate a problem and market on which a business could plausibly be built.


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