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Department of Rhetoric & Writing

Assistant Professor Casey Boyle's "Rhetoric as a Posthuman Practice" Available Now

Thu, November 1, 2018
Assistant Professor Casey Boyle's
Rhetoric as a Posthuman Practice cover

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Casey Boyle on the publishing of his new book, Rhetoric as a Posthuman Practice, which is available for purchase through the Ohio State University PressRhetoric as a Posthuman Practice proposes rhetorical activity be understood as an embodied, material practice. Its guiding proposition is that a posthuman rhetorical orientation helps us understand how information technologies organize and exercise bodies at various levels of scale that are irreducible to those authorized solely through a humanist paradigm.

From the publisher's website

In response to the pervasiveness of emerging communication technologies, Rhetoric as a Posthuman Practice argues that information be understood as an embodied, material practice. The guiding proposition for this book is that digital rhetoric now concerns how bodies, broadly construed, become informed through practice that includes not only traditional communication activities between bodies but also how information technologies organize and exercise those varying bodies.

Through case studies of the media art of glitch, urban explorers’ use of social media, and DIY digital networks, this book then reconsiders how practice/exercise functions when the once essential bodies of the individual and a society—the two primary categories authorized by a humanist paradigm—become less reliable categories from which we might orient rhetorical action. In sum, the book argues that rhetorical practice is irreducible to the traditions and categories of humanism and must now exercise its posthuman capacities.


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