Department of Religious Studies

Late Antique Philosophy in Tenth Century Baghdad: Abū ‛Alī ‛Īsā ibn Zur‛ā on Virtue and Right Religion

Mon, February 21, 2011 | TBA

5:00 PM

A lecture by Sidney Griffith (Catholic University of America)

Presented by the Late Antiquity Workshop

The philosophers and philosophically inclined theologians who wrote in Arabic in Baghdad in the ninth and tenth centuries were all concerned in their own ways to make use of their Late Antique philosophical heritage to support the views of their own religious communities, be they Jews, Christians or Muslims. The Christian philosopher and translator, ‛Īsā ibn Zur‛ah (943-1008), strove to build a case for Christianity on the basis of the popular currency of virtue ethics among the Baghdad intellectuals of his day. This lecture examines his argument in reference to the thought of his contemporaries, both Jewish and Muslim.

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