Department of Religious Studies

"What's in a Bundle?: The Quimilli as an Organizing Principle of Aztec Cosmology" a talk by Molly H. Bassett

Thu, February 11, 2016 | BEN 2.104

4:00 AM

"What's in a Bundle?: The Quimilli as an Organizing Principle of Aztec Cosmology" a talk by Molly H. Bassett, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia State University

Aztecs bundled their dead and their gods. They bound broken bones, wrapped wounds to promote healing, and tied together ceremonial structures. At the root of these activities are two related concepts: bundles (quimilli) and bundling (quimiloa). In this paper, Molly Bassett explores the bundle’s potential to function not just as a container for ordinary or extraordinary things, but also as an organizing principle in Aztec cosmology. 

This event is sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, LLILAS-Benson Latin American Studies and Collection, Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS), Religious Studies, and History

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