Department of Religious Studies

Graduate Program in Religious Studies

The graduate program in Religious Studies at the University of Texas is dedicated to the study of religious phenomena within particular cultural and historical contexts. At the same time, we expect research to be driven by theoretical and analytical questions and to employ the methodologies that facilitate them. Although the research agendas of our students need not be explicitly comparative, we recognize that comparison lies at the heart of our discipline and informs our theories and questions. As a result, we expect all of our students to be able to articulate comparisons across traditions, cultures, or regions; to develop knowledge of relevant theories; and to demonstrate a deep understanding of the specific social and historical contexts in which their research questions are embedded. This includes fluency in relevant languages as well as facility in at least two methodological approaches. We encourage our students to draw upon the vast theoretical, historical, and linguistic resources available in our department and throughout the rest of the University of Texas.

Graduate instruction in Religious Studies is organized around four areas of concentration:

Religions in History
Religion in Society
Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean
Religion in the Americas

Application Deadline: December 1, 2021

Due to COVID-19, the Department of Religious Studies has waived the GRE requirement for the 21-22 admissions cycle (Fall 2022 entry). 

Students applying for admission for Fall 2022 must submit all application materials by December 1, 2021. Please visit the admissions page for more information. The program will not accept applications for a terminal M.A. degree.