Department of Religious Studies

Creating a Religious Studies Department for the 21st Century

Sat, April 1, 2006

Events of recent years have forcefully demonstrated the importance of religion in shaping both the diversity of American society and the complexity of our international relations. At a time when many of the world's conflicts and hopes for their resolutions have strong religious components, we need to understand the crucial role of religion in our world. The formation of a Department of Religious Studies at the University of Texas, Austin, will provide an important venue for fostering such knowledge among our students and faculty and among the citizens of Texas.

Please join us to discuss the mission of a Department of Religious Studies at the University of Texas. We are interested in understanding your perspective as we develop ways to best educate our students for productive and meaningful lives in complex global society, as we consider outreach programs that serve the people our state, and as we develop an environment that encourages the research interests of our faculty.

To facilitate discussion, four guest speakers (Robert Orsi, Dale Martin, Angela Zito and Joel Gereboff) from pre-eminent Departments of Religious Studies from across the country will initiate a conversation with students, faculty, and interested members of the community about the mission of a Religious Studies Department at a public university, and the ways in which the academic study of religion can enhance endeavors both within and outside the university.


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