Department of Religious Studies

Spring 2004 Commencement

Sat, May 1, 2004

Two students this spring received Special Honors in Religious Studies: Stephen Hebert completed a senior thesis entitled a^?oeThe Web of James: A Study of the Trajectories of the Tradition of James,a^?? while Lee Sutherland wrote a^?oeMind Training in Tibetan Buddhism: Cognitive and Evolutionary Perspectives on the NgA???ndro.a^?? Other Religious Studies majors wrote theses for other departments and programs: Liz Furbush earned Special Honors in Plan II with her thesis a^?oeConversion to Islam in the United States,a^?? and Martha Pickell earned Special Honors in Classics with a^?oeThe Carnal Paul: Body and Soul in Romans 7.a^??

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