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Jaimie Gunderson, PhD Student, Wins Essay Prize

Wed, October 4, 2017
Jaimie Gunderson, PhD Student, Wins Essay Prize
Jaimie Gunderson

PhD student, Jaimie Gunderson, won the Jim Falls Paper Prize for best graduate paper at the Mid-America Medieval Association meeting in Kansas City! Ms. Gunderson won the award for a paper entitled, “Revisiting the Holy Greyhound.” In this paper, she investigates the “dogness” of the greyhound saint, Guinefort, in the 13th century exemplum, De adoratione Guinefortis canis, penned by the Dominican monk, Stephen of Bourbon. Approaching the text via critical animal studies, she argues that rather than simply functioning as metaphoric presence in the text to comment on human behavior, Guinefort opens a complex and ambiguous narrative space where chivalric understandings, ideas about tame vs. wild, and justice and violence all establish the encounter with the dog-saint as a two-way interaction in which human and dog shape each other.

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