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RS Graduate Students Present at the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies

Tue, April 7, 2015
RS Graduate Students Present at the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies
Photo of Burdine Hall

Religious Studies Graduate Students attended the annual conference of the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies (SWCRS) March 13-15 in Irving, Texas. The conference brings together scholars of religion from across the U.S. Southwest.

The Religious Studies Department at UT Austin typically sends representatives to the meeting every year. This year was no different, as five of our advanced graduate students participated in the conference in a variety of ways:

  • PhD Candidate Justin Doran went above and beyond the call of duty by presiding over three panels in the History of Christianity: “Being Christian and Becoming American”; “The Saints Behind the Holidays”; and “Troubles at Home.”
  • PhD Candidate Michael Amoruso discussed his recent fieldwork and research in “Persecution and Possession: Santo Daime and Sacred Space in the United States and Brazil.”
  • For a panel on “Paul,” PhD Candidate Michael Flexsenhar III gave a paper entitled “Recovering Paul’s Hypothetical Slaves: Rhetoric and Reality in 1 Corinthians 5.”
  • PhD Candidate G. Anthony Keddie talked about his original research for a panel on “Second Temple Judaism” with a paper called “Mosaic Revelation and Social Transformation: The Testament of Moses and Class Distinction in Early Roman Judaea.” Keddie also reviewed the book Alexander to Constantine by Eric Meyers and Mark Chancey as part of a special joint session of the Society for Biblical Literature Southwest and American Schools of Oriental Research Southwest.
  • Advanced graduate student Ross Ponder presented his paper entitled “So-called Jews, So What? Reconstructing Satanic Synagogues amidst the Fiscus Judaicus.”

The students reported an overall positive experience at the conference. When asked about the importance of attending SWCRS, Keddie explained that it is a good way to meet and stay in touch with other scholars in the region. Additionally, he noted that SWCRS is a great opportunity, especially for graduate students, to present original research in preparation for larger national conferences.

Those interested in presented at next year’s SWCRS can find more information here.

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