Department of Religious Studies

Undergraduate Research Course (RS 362)

Independent Research for Undergraduates

If you are interested in doing independent research, you may decide to take our independent research course, R S 362: Independent Research in Religious Studies. In order to take R S 362, you must find a Religious Studies faculty member who is willing to supervise your research project. Once you and your prospective faculty advisor have settled on a topic, you can fill out the R S 362 form and turn it in, with all necessary signatures, to the undergraduate advisor (Kevin Pluta) to be added to the course.

NB: No matter what topic the student chooses to study, this course will not count towards any Area requirement or the primary concentration. It will count as 3 upper-division hours in Religious Studies.

This course is highly recommended for those students planning on obtain Religious Studies Honors in order to prepare them for the thesis course.

R S 362 Form (PDF)