About Us

Thanks to a generous grant from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies is a thriving hub for the study and appreciation of Jewish culture, history, and society since its founding in 2007. The Center has become an intergral part of the undergraduate curriculum at UT Austin through the development of the Jewish Studies major, the creation of wide-ranging course offerings, and the introduction of an innovative internship program. The Center also reaches audiences beyond the classroom with sponsored lectures, conferences, exhibits, and cultural events. Housing both the Gale Collaborative on Jewish Life in the Americas and the Texas Holocaust Scholars Network, the Center continues to produce and contribute to pioneering research in the field of Jewish Studies.

Statement by the Executive Committee of the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies

In the spirit of openness and intellectual inquiry, the Schusterman Center does not support a boycott of Israel. The Center does support evidence-based research and academic freedom in the fullest sense of the word.  We do not evaluate outside speakers, affiliated faculty members, students, or members of the general public with regard to their political beliefs, affiliations, or positions.  The political positions of speakers, faculty members, students, and members of the general public are theirs alone and not those of the Center.